How to cancel gamstop

GAMSTOP is a free self-exclusion program that was created to assist you in avoiding internet gambling. Some online casinos subscribe to gamstop so their punters will not give in to gambling addiction and other gambling problems. However, not everyone wants and needs to be under gamstop. Some punters can take control of themselves when gambling and would not want to be under this self-exclusion program.

If you have subscribed to this in the past, there are ways to cancel gamstop. By doing this, you can get a non-stop gambling experience and enjoy everything that the casinos can offer. Learn more about how to cancel gamstop. Read on.

Casinos that Cancel Gamstop Scheme

  • Best Non Gamstop Casinos
    Accept All Players New Non Gamstop Sites Credit Cards Accepted Internationally Licensed
    Casinos not on Gamstop
    10/ 10
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  • Best Betting Sites not on Gamstop
    All Sports Live Bets Accept All Players Crypto + Credit Cards Accepted
    Betting Sites not on Gamstop
    10/ 10
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  • Best No Verification Casinos
    No KYC Casinos No Verification Withdrawal Crypto + Credit Cards Accepted Anonymous Casinos
    No Verification Casinos
    10/ 10
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  • Best International Casinos for UK Players
    Respected International Licence UK Players Accepted High Welcome Bonuses Top Security & Safety
    International Casinos for UK Players
    10/ 10
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  • Credit Card Casinos
    Visa + MasterCard Casinos Fast Withdrawals Amex + Others Cards 10% CashBack Casinos
    Credit Card Casinos
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Breaking Down the Best Ways to Cancel Gamstop

Sign up with non-gamstop casinosRegister with online casinos that are not registered with Gamstop.Continue gambling online without restrictions.May not be as reputable as Gamstop-registered casinos. Increased risk of gambling problems.
Opt for a physical casinoVisit a physical casino in person.Gamble without registering with an online casino. Subject to stricter regulations.Fewer physical casinos. May require travel.
Choose crypto or bitcoin casinosRegister with online casinos that accept cryptocurrency or bitcoin as payment.Gamble without providing personal information. Often more anonymous.May not be as reputable. Increased risk of scams.
Wait for your Gamstop subscription endsWait for your Gamstop self-exclusion period to end.Only way to cancel without risk.Unable to gamble online during self-exclusion period.
Use a shared accountUse a friend or family member’s account to gamble online.Gamble without registering or providing personal information.Puts friend or family member at risk for gambling debts.

How do we rate the best sites that help you cancel gamstop? 

Sites that promise to help punters get around gamstop are also given ratings as to how good they give service to their clients. The ratings are based on: 


If a site says that it can help you get around gamstop, then it should be true to its words. It should effectively help you to cancel gamstop and give you unlimited gambling. There are some sites that claim to help punters cancel gamstop but in the end, give only limited games to play. Choose sites that are effective in taking away the effects of gamstop on your gambling.  

Easy to follow 

Getting around gamstop should not be difficult. The site should give clear and easy to follow instructions so the punter can easily get around gamstop. The site should give a run around of instructions just for the punter to cancel their gamstop subscription. It should make the gambling experience of the punters pleasant and enjoyable. 

Permanent exclusion 

If a site is able to cancel a punter’s gamstop, it should be permanent on that site. It should also apply to all the games offered by the site. When the punter goes back and logs into their account, the gamstop subscription should not reset and go back to the restrictions. 

How do Casinos Cancel Gamstop?

BrandHow it Helps Remove GamstopExplanation
bettiNot blocked with GamstopNon UK licensed
lucky charmNo Need to Verify identityNo KYC
sevenPayments are in cryptocurrencyCrypto Casino
spintimeNot Regulated by the UKGCCuracau Licence
galaxy spinsNot Regulated by the UKGCMGA licensed
mr slotyNot under the UKGC jurisdictionCrypto Casino
big winsNot Regulated by the UKGCNon UK licensed
palm casinoNot Regulated by the UKGCMalta-licensed
golden genieNot under the UKGC jurisdictionPanama licensed
jokabetNot registered with GamstopMGA licensed
goldenbetNot Regulated by the UKGCCrypto Casino
my stakeNo KYCNo Need to Verify Identity

Best Casinos that Cancel Gamstop Overview

1. SpinTime

SpinTime Casino stands out as a Crypto Casino, providing a unique gaming experience. Tailored for those seeking alternatives to Gamstop restrictions, it offers a diverse range of crypto-based games. With a user-friendly interface and enticing promotions, it caters to players looking for innovative options in the online casino landscape.

2. Seven Casino

Seven Casino is a No Verification haven for players seeking to remove Gamstop restrictions. With a commitment to hassle-free access, it offers a wide array of games without the need for extensive verification processes. Ideal for those prioritizing privacy, it delivers a seamless and secure gaming environment.

3. Lucky Charm Casino

Lucky Charm Casino, a non-UK licensed gem, provides an escape for players seeking alternatives to Gamstop restrictions. With a diverse game selection, enticing bonuses, and a global approach, it caters to those who value the freedom to play without UK licensing constraints, offering a unique and unrestricted gaming experience.

4. Galaxy Spins Casino

Galaxy Spins Casino, boasting a Panama license, emerges as a refuge for players seeking freedom from Gamstop limitations. With a diverse game portfolio and a commitment to player autonomy, it provides an alternative gaming haven. Ideal for those looking beyond Gamstop, it offers a secure and enjoyable experience.

5. Big Wins Casino

Big Wins Casino, fortified with a Gibraltar license, emerges as a beacon for players seeking liberation from Gamstop restrictions. With an impressive game library and a commitment to player flexibility, it provides a secure and enticing alternative for those looking to bypass Gamstop limitations, delivering a rewarding gaming experience.

6. Golden Genie Casino

Golden Genie Casino, adorned with a Curacao license, serves as a sanctuary for players seeking liberation from Gamstop constraints. Boasting a diverse array of games and a commitment to player autonomy, it offers a secure alternative for those looking to circumvent Gamstop limitations, providing an enriching gaming escapade.

How to Remove Gamstop

There are simple ways to get around gamstop. These include: 

1. Sign up with non-gamstop casinos 

There are a lot of wonderful gaming sites on the internet that are not licensed by the UKGC, are not part of the Gamstop program, and thus accept new players who might be banned on other sites. Some sites are not regulated by the UKGC. But this does not mean they do not have a lot to offer discerning gamblers. Several of them provide the same games, odds, and markets. They also have alternative gambling options you may not have seen before. This applies not only to internet non UK casinos, but also to sports betting, poker, bingo, and other similar activities.

 You do not have to worry because there are already a lot of online casinos that are not under gamstop. Signing up with them is fast and easy, which will give you an easier time getting around gamstop. It is just important to check on the legitimacy of the site before signing up. You do not have to settle with unlicensed casinos just because you do not want to be under gamstop. There are tons of non-gamstop casinos that you can find online which are legit and licensed. Be cautious and choose wisely where you sign up and play. This is to stay safe when gambling and prevent being a victim of scammers and hackers online. 

2. Register a friend or family member’s name 

Since you are already subscribed to gamstop, the sites will immediately alert you of your restrictions when you try to play online casinos. To solve this dilemma, you can ask a friend or family member if you can use their name to register an account. With this, you will be using their account to play at online casinos. You will not get limited games since their names are not under restriction by gamstop. When you circumvent Gamstop by making an account in the name of a friend, the company’s systems will not reject you because the account is unrelated to you or your identity. Many gamblers are allowed to continue using sites after an exclusion period has begun in this way. 

However, you have to keep in mind that you will also use your family or friends’ payment options. It is because their name should match the registered name. So, aside from using their name, you also need to ask permission if you can use their bank details. This is to avoid any problems with depositing and withdrawing from the account you have registered. 

3. Opt for a physical casino 

This is plain and easy. If online casinos are restricting you from playing, then visit land-based casinos instead. These traditional casinos do not set limits on their punters as long as they have the funds to play. It is understandable why so many gamblers choose to do their gambling online, from the convenience of having an ‘always on’ casino or bookie on their phone, to the lower stakes accessible online, to the appeal of being able to play their favorite games in the comfort of their homes. Although land-based casinos lack these benefits, they can be a lot of fun in other ways. They do not participate in the Gamstop exclusion program, but instead have their own voluntary program. As a result, a Gamstop exclusion has no influence on your ability to bet in a physical casino, which, depending on where you reside, may be the most convenient and time-saving option. 

But before you head to the nearest land-based casino, make sure that you have already set a limit on how much you will spend. This way, you will not get into any gambling troubles, which is exactly what gamstop wants to prevent happening to you. Control and responsible gambling should be applied even in traditional non gamstop casinos.

4. Choose crypto or bitcoin casinos 

The question of how to get rid of Gamstop hinges around your identity, as your name and address are utilized to restrict your access. As a result, anonymous accounts, such as those found in cryptocurrency casinos, would be exempt from the same restrictions. Cryptocurrency casinos commonly use Bitcoin as their principal currency, but many may take other cryptocurrencies as well, and these “no ID casino sites” are likely to have the same features and possibilities as any other casino. It is worth double-checking before depositing that anonymous withdrawals are available, although this is not always the case. 

If you are worried that there are not too many crypto or bitcoin casinos available, you do not have to fret because more and more sites are open to accepting bitcoin and other digital currencies. These bitcoin and crypto casinos are popping up all over the net to accommodate those who are already using digital coins in many other transactions, including online gambling. Just make sure that the casino you are joining is legit and licensed.  

5. Wait for your gamstop subscription ends 

This is the simplest and easiest way to get around gamstop. You have subscribed to it mainly because you want control over your gambling. Then, you can just stick to it and have the patience to wait. This will teach you discipline and responsible gambling. Instead of thinking of illegal ways to get around gamstop, just have the patience to wait for the subscription to end. This is to stay away from all the hassles of doing unwanted things just to get back to gambling.  

Gamstop’s voluntary self-exclusion program offers three time frames. You can choose from six months, one year, or five years. Once you sign up, there is no way to back out until your exclusion time is up, which is why so many gamblers look for other options. You will be able to use all of the sites you previously used once the period is over, though you will need to formally request your removal from Gamstop first. The next time you subscribe to gamstop, it is best to start with the shortest period. This way, waiting will not take that long. Or if you do not want to be restricted again, do not subscribe to it once your current subscription ends. 

Pros and cons of how to remove gamstop

There are pros and cons to everything, even getting around gamstop. You just need to weigh your options before deciding whether to cancel gamstop or not. 


With the cancellation of your gamstop subscription, you get to have new games, new providers, and new experiences. The UKGC-licensed sites you are used to tend to have a lot of the same games, so finding something truly new or unusual on these big-name sites might be difficult. When you are willing to explore the entire world of online gaming, you will discover that you can have some more when you are not under gamstop. 

You also get to experience more incentives and perks to choose from. There are hundreds of new online casino sites with great offers available, and you can take advantage of any of them.Plus, because they do not have to maintain expensive high-street locations or pay for national marketing campaigns, these smaller companies can often pass on their savings to their customers, making their deals even more appealing and profitable for their players. 


The most common drawback is addiction issues. Gamstop was created as a serious attempt to restrict access to gambling sites, and working around the restriction to continue playing is not in your best interests if you self-excluded due to concerns about gambling addiction. You are the only one who can make that decision if your circumstances have altered and you feel you have more control over your gaming habits. If you are just trying to feed an addiction, though, you should not look for a replacement for Gamstop. 

Gambling addiction can also lead to financial, debt, and credit rating consequences. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose, as it could have a serious and long-term impact on your life. This may have a negative impact on your credit score, which may impact your ability to obtain credit in the future. 

Can I Reverse gamstop FAQ 

1. How to cancel gamstop?

The listed tips above can help one get around gamstop. It is just important that when you decide to get around gamstop, your self-control is strong enough to save you from going through gambling problems. 

How to end gamstop?

The easiest, legit, and safest way to remove gamstop is to wait for the end of your subscription. Once your subscription ends, you can request gamstop to permanently remove you from their list. 

Is it safe canceling gamstop?

Removing GameStop can be safe if you rely on legit methods, such as waiting for your subscription to end. Safety relies on your gambling. But keep in mind that not being under gamstop can pose gambling issues, especially if you do not control your spending. 

Do I need to cancel gamstop? 

The decision is up to you. If you are just trying to give in to your gambling addiction, it is best to let gamstop control your gambling for a while. Always think of the consequences before you think of cancelling your gamstop subscription.