Gambling Blockers Overview 

The purpose of blocking software is to limit access to online gambling destinations to control addiction or any other adverse effects of visiting online casinos and betting sites. These blockers are easy to use; players only need to register their details. Once this is done, they will be denied access to gambling websites. 

These tools are essential when it comes to fighting gambling addictions. Several software helps players limit their gambling activities only; some of these blockers include Gamban, Gamstop, Gamblock, and Betblocker. This article looks at some of the top-ranking blocking software you can use to control gambling addiction. 


Gamstop is a UK self-restriction program designed for brits who want to avoid online gambling for some time. It is one of the most popular software used by punters to self-exclude themselves; the National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited controls the program. It is a non-profit organization that restricts players’ access to UK-based gambling sites. All you need to do is register on the Gamstop website to use this service. The period of self-restriction ranges from six months to five years. However, offshore platforms without UK licenses do not partner with this scheme; they are known as casinos not on Gamstop. They do not block Gamstop subscribers. 


Betblocker is not region-dependent. In other words, they are not limited to any jurisdiction or country. This means that players can use it from any part of the world. Like Gamstop, it is free of charge. The software can be installed on any device. It is worth mentioning that you cannot undo the restriction; you will have to wait for the cool-off period to end.  

Besides blocking gambling sites, it can be used as a general blocking software; it has a parental control feature. Betblocker offers an effective blocking tool that helps punters resist the urge to gamble. It partners with the global National Self-Exclusion Schemes. With this software, you can also block access to non UKGC sites


Gamban helps you to block thousands of bookmakers on the internet. It is one of the most effective ways of staying clear of gambling activities. Gamban is available for free at any Gamcare network. The scheme was launched in 2015 by a team of experienced individuals with first-hand experience in dealing with compulsive gambling cases. Gamban is easy to use and install as it gets installed quickly on your devices. Apart from that, users also get helpful advice and support that will enable them to cope with the situation.  


This software was initially used to prevent minors from accessing gambling sites. In other words, it was used in order to avoid underage gambling in places like workplaces and schools. Now, it has extended its services to all players, especially those who want to restrict themselves from gambling online. Gamblock is always striving to become better regarding diagnostic abilities and security. 


Gambling blockers come in handy when looking for reliable and effective ways to deal with compulsive gambling. These services are free, and they are easy to access and use. These restriction tools are highly recommended for punters who cannot control their desire to gamble online.